Cushla Moorhead A Moment in Time.jpg Just one person on the beach with the strong reflection makes you wonder just what it is that has drawn them to this place. We like the way the reflections of the person and the birds add a point of difference to this image.

Barry Doig Change and Decay.jpg We liked the way the strong cloud patterns take you down to the distant horizon. From there your eyes move on to explore the details in this old building which has seen better days.

Gary Stowell Cuppa Tea, Mate?.jpg We liked the story being told in this image. There is a lot to explore and think about. Perhaps lifting the shadows a little in the lower part of the image would add even more detail to that story.

Dennis Brown Duelling Elephants.jpg This is an interesting nature story. Just imagine the noise and power as these animals clash.

Barry Doig Froth and Flow.jpg Beautiful soft misty water contrasts with the hard sharpness of the rocks. We should like to see more of this stream - where is this water coming from or maybe where is it going?

Barry Doig Morning Fog.jpg The early morning rays of sunlight coming through the branches of the tree are being caught in the morning mists.

Irene Callaghan Not Long Ago.jpg This story is a little confusing. There is an old rusty bed with sheets that also show signs of having been there for a long time and an old fashioned rocking horse being ridden by a beautiful child. The image does give you ideas to consider.

Barry Doig Skybird.jpg A simple composition that works well. The soft colours on the gently blurred water and clouds contrast with the sharpness of the seagull in flight.

Gary Stowell Wall Hangings.jpg This rather eclectic mix of old things reminds me of my grandfathers wool shed which was always fascinating. Where did these things come from, who used them and why are they still there? The exposure picks out the muted colours and tones.

Irene Callaghan Junkshop Violinist.jpg We get the feeling that the violinist is really enjoying what he has found in the junk shop and he is comfortable playing it. The image is well composed and beautifully lit.


Dennis Brown Rose.jpg The light and shadow on this rose give it a soft three dimensional effect which is lovely. It stands out against the texture of the background which adds interest to that part of the image.

Dennis Brown Leopard.jpg The light on the head of this leopard takes you straight to the eyes. What is it that the leopard is looking at so intently?Top Open Printed Image

Not Accepted:

1- Deserted.jpg n/a

2-Prairie Fire.jpg n/a

3-Thumbtacks.jpg n/a

4-Yellow Daisy.jpg n/a

Christmas in the Woolshed.jpg Missing

Jubilee Hall with cows.jpg Missing

Freedom.jpg Missing

Open Projected 


Dayaram Ganda A Big Yawn.jpg A simple composition showing the huge mouth and teeth that these animals have. Certainly an animal to avoid.√

Dayaram Ganda African Elder.jpg This tells us a lot about this African gentleman from the way his hands are placed on his stick, the clothes he is wearing to the expression on his face. The background suits the image and is not intrusive.√

Alison Meier Autumn Riches.jpg The lighting takes us to the shapes made by the drying stems. In my imagination I see a person with long hair. In her hand she has a whip but the curling tentacles are trying to hold her back. If possible we suggest toning down the highlights on the lower right to stop them pulling attention away from the more interesting part of the image√

Margaret Harris Coccineus -Blood Lily.jpg A simple image of this red flower which has been nicely lit so it stands out against the dark background.√

Elizabeth Passuello Coming In Ahead of the Weather.jpg Two small boats in a big ocean with the threatening dark clouds as a backdrop gives the viewer a feeling of concern. To strengthen the story you could consider a small crop to make the boats larger and therefore more dominant in the image.√

John Morrison Crossing the Border Cambodia.jpg There is a lot to explore at in this image. On the left are mostly tourist making their way towards the border crossing while on the right are the local people with bags piled high on their trailers.√

Eunice Belk Dancing Waves.jpg The patterns created by the waves give the feeling of the water coming in and then retreating. An effective diagonal composition.√

Gaile Douglas Developing Tree Frogs.jpg Two colourful tadpoles stand out against the textured dark background. There is sufficient detail for us to be able to see the developing legs in the upper tadpole.√

Helen Howie Drifting.jpg The colours and textures in the reflections are very pleasing. The drifting branches provide a strong focal point which helps add a context for the story.√

Ritchie White Earths Neighbour.jpg We liked the lighting on the right side of the moon which allowed the craters to really stand out. It is a pity you not able to take the photo when the moon was totally round.√

Chris Beech Fibre Optics.jpg The colour palette with the pattern receding into the distance provides interest in this photo. The bright green in the centre is strong enough to give us a focal point.√

Andy Rae Final Blow-jpg.jpg This photo has caught the decisive moment. The wood chips are flying and the top of the log is falling. The orange chainsaw in the background is a distraction and we suggest removing it or at least toning it down.√

Helen Atkinson Flying free.jpg We enjoyed the impressionistic feel of these two birds in flight.√

Margaret Harris FOGGY MORNING.jpg A pleasant landscape with the sunlight catching the mountain tops. The reflections in the lake add another element to this scene.√

Rosie Darling Fungi Pine Valley_.jpg Lovely detail in these tiny fungi. We suggest cropping in closer to focus all our attention on the fungi.√

Graeme Skinner Get a grip.jpg This image tells a story that many of us can probably relate to. Well caught detail in the hand.√

Graeme Skinner Golden oldie.jpg The colour and the textures tell a strong story of something which is old and rusty. We liked the way the steering wheel frames the old dials on the instrument panel.√

Kathy Pantling Grace.jpg The eyes are sharp they and stare rather soulfully at us. The face is supported by the hint of her hair and the dark clothing√

Rosie Darling Green Bugs.jpg The angled composition and the colourful bright bugs are dynamic. They are sharp with a lot of detail.√

John Morrison Hello Hello Vietnam.jpg Imagine being up that ladder trying to sort out those wires or maybe he is just adding more wires. It is an interesting glimpse of what it is like in many Asian countries.√

Bonnie Wilson Hibiscus Flower.jpg This golden hibiscus stands out against the black background. The bits of greenery behind and below the flower help to give it a base.√

Bron McKenzie Lake Pearson Scar.jpg We liked the way the eroded line curves down the hill and its reflection carries that line across the water.√

Terry Bruning Lone Pine.jpg We enjoyed the story of the lone pine tree, the lone walker and the lone dog. One suggestion is to try converting this image to a black and white.√

Sara Varenne looking worried.jpg The subject has been placed off-centre, looking back to the right. While there is a complete tonal range through the image, try lifting just the mid tones to give the overall image more ‘pop’.√

Michelle Kelly Lost in Time.jpg The sepia toning and the white vignette add to the ‘old’ feel of this image of a vehicle being taken over by the vegetation. The old number plates on the left are an interesting additional touch.√

Alan Shadwell Man versus nature.jpg Here is a story on man’s impact on the environment. The plumes of what is possibly slightly grey steam from the factory contrast with clear white snow on the mountains.√

Wendy McGregor Marcus and Friends.jpg A pleasant image of Marcus who is looking directly at us. The blue of his top matches the paws and ears of the bunny. The white background gives a feeling that Marcus and his friends are not grounded but are hanging in space√

Ian Grant Mischief at Work.jpg This is rather typical behaviour of these cheeky birds. You could consider a small crop to reduce the amount of bright area in the background.√

Rosie Darling Moored boats.jpg The strong colours work well in this image. The reflection of the red boat in particular adds another dimension to this image.√ 

Trish Brown Moss on rust.jpg Interesting patterns and textures in the lichen make it stand out against the more random shapes in the background. One suggestion is to try darkening the top right corner a little just to hold the viewer into the image.√

Terry Bruning Mt Possession Street.jpg The beautiful light on these buildings is the standout feature of this image. If the houses being overpowered by the hills in the background is the story here you could consider cropping some from the foreground. A different approach is to crop in to make the image almost totally about the houses.√

Roger Ball Nelson Haven.jpg There is a lot to explore in this rather busy port scene, from the people in the restaurant to the cranes working on the container ship. If possible, find a time to take this photo when there are no yachts between you and the ship, as this would help to simplify this scene.√

Trish Brown Oil on water.jpg What a burst of colour. The bubbles are sharp in contrast to the blur of the background. The photo is a little underexposed. Try adding a little more light to make the bubbles ‘pop”√

Eunice Belk Oparara River Colour.jpg Lovely contrasts between the patterns and colours in this image. The deep golden brown on the main flow makes a strong focal point.√

Denise Manning Please dont.jpg The expressions on the faces of thee two boys tell this story well. The sepia toning prevents anything in the background being a distraction.√

Cushla Moorhead Poppy.jpg The opening petals have an almost painterly feel. The range of tones are delightful. We thought that the part of the bud (sepal) that is left perched on the flower was a distraction as it is strong enough to pull your eyes away from the beauty of the flower.√

Ross Beech Power struggle.jpg The rooster tails stand out against the dark background and hint at the speed of these boats. Both the spray and the boats are sharp. The photo is under exposed and lifting the highlights will add to the drama of the scene√

Heather Parkes Proud Mother.jpg A delightful moment between the mother and foal. If possible try opening the shadows on the foal a little.√

Ian Grant Rarangi Morning.jpg This scene has been well composed to provide depth through the image from the near rocks to the distant hills. Well exposed with a good tonal range.√

Terry Bruning Sacred to the Memory.jpg A moody image with a clear focal point. This is a low key photo and will have a preponderance of dark tones. However try adding some more light to just the highlights which will strengthen the story.√

Helen Howie Senna.jpg A delightful photo. We suggest you consider adding selective sharpening to the eyes and maybe the lips to strengthen the image. These changes are subtle but they do make a difference.√

Bonnie Wilson Sharp as a Knife.jpg An interesting still life based on a theme which works. In general the lighting is good especially on the tomatoes. The grapes are not well lit as their shape is lost into the shadows. There are a lot of elements in the image and maybe it could be simplified by not including the grapes.√

Graeme Skinner Sister golden hair_.jpg The lighting draws our eyes immediately to the subject however the angle of the face is a little uncomfortable. There is lovely light just catching her hair√

Trish Brown Skeletal remains.jpg A delicate tracery of lines and shapes. This works well as a black and white image.√

Elizabeth Passuello Southern Lights 2.jpg A rather different landscape with the southern lights linking the land and the stars.√

Ann Knipe Spring Harvest.jpg A simple and attractive still life composition of peas. The piece of white on the left pea is a distraction and it would be better if it could be removed.√

Cushla Moorhead Sunrise.jpg The colourful sky creates a strong background for the life on the pier which is silhouetted against it. There are people, birds flying around and just a hint of light on the lamps to tell us the story of this morning.√

Andy Rae The Big Plunge.jpg This photo creates a feeling of tension in the viewer as the boat plunges down with the swell. It is a pity that the boat was not a little further out to sea and therefore clear of the groyne.√

Dianna Hambleton The Window View.jpg The dark silhouettes work well against the bright golden colours through the window. There are some mini stories - a couple looking a the view, someone pointing something out and two people reading - possibly their mobile phones√

Kathy Pantling There's a Storm Brewing.jpg Now here is a bird with attitude. Its feet are clear but the head appears to be in the clouds which may be an intentional part of the story.√

Kathy Pantling Trapped.jpg The monochromatic treatment works well and the lit area takes us to the centre of the story. The surrounding shapes add a sense on mystery.√

Alan Shadwell Two by Two.jpg The bright colour of the boat and the people with their red jackets are what we saw first. From there our eyes went to the dolphins. The reflections of the boat connects the two parts of the image.√

Dayaram Ganda Village Women.jpg A good travel photo which tells something of the lives of these women with the bright clothes and distinctive necklaces.√

Michelle Kelly Water Dance.jpg The water drops have been frozen into an interesting pattern which reminds us of the fountain at Bellagio, Las Vegas√


John Morrison Xhosa Woman South Africa.jpg A pleasant portrait which stands out from the very simple background. There is a tiny hint of a smile which gives the image a nice feeling.√


Robyn Carter At Home, Havana.jpg Behind this lady we catch glimpses of her home. We are left to ponder on the bars. Are they to keep her inside or to protect her from some outside danger?

Michelle Kelly Contemplating Brian.jpg A well taken low key image. We would have liked to have seen a hint of detail in the right side of his face.

Margaret Harris Dancing lady.jpg A beautifully composed image with the soft material the dancer is holding creating an effective leading line. Beautiful colours.

John Morrison Decorating for Christmas.jpg This is a story of paint on the walls, on her hands and on her clothes. She gives the feeling that she is happy about what she has done and that story is supported by the girl in the background. Colourful and natural.

Terry Bruning Dove of Peace.jpg While the plane and pilot are very sharp giving a feeling of being static, the strong impression of movement comes from the propellor blades and the horizontal blurring of the background.

Terry Bruning Down Under.jpg A beautiful balanced image with the bridge leading us to the distant city. That is enhanced by the reflections which fill the foreground and also lead us to the city.

Wendy McGregor Dramatic in Red.jpg Beautiful lighting which picks out a few petals and centre of the flower. The flower is well placed in the composition and there is subtle detail in the background.

Elizabeth Passuello Dust and Determination.jpg With the dust and dirt flying, this is a well caught action shot.

Margaret Harris Flying High.jpg Caught at just the right moment to tell an amusing story. The sharpness of the bird makes it stand out against the softness of the background.

Dianna Hambleton Girl Talk.jpgA delightful story of four young women enjoying time together.

Sue Newport I'm Not Happy.jpg Definitely a bird with attitude. It is a pity the area above the eye on the right is a little burnt out.

Wendy McGregor Leading Lights.jpg Simple shapes with the bright lines lead us into the image. Throughout the image there are layers, shapes and toning which create just a hint of interesting patterns

Robyn Carter Little Bee Eaters.jpg Both the birds have insects in their beaks. The colours are lovely and there is a little catch light in the eye of each bird. Now if you could have persuaded the bird on the right to turn around like the other one that would have been even better!

Denise Manning My Haiku.jpg The green circles are appealing with the larger circle balanced by the small one in the lower corner. There are words written over the larger circle but we only get tantalising hints of of what is written.

Dianna Hambleton Nature's Melting Pot.jpg The texture on the vehicle looks if you could start cleaning it away to see what else is there. This contrasts with the softness of the grasses which help provide a setting.

Ruedi Mosimann Oystercatchers on the move.jpg Beautiful light and patterns on the water. The reflections of the flying birds adds to the interest.

Sue Newport Rope Trick.jpg We liked the way the bird is looking back at the photographer. There is a catchlight in the bird’s eye and the background is muted.

Wendy McGregor Surrounded by Green.jpg It is a rather quizzical stance from this mantis as it surveys its world. The colours of the bud it is clinging to contrast with the soft greens of the rest of the image.

Elizabeth Passuello Tasman Breaker.jpg The power of the breaking waves with the spray being blown back is well captured. It feels like a dangerous place to be at this time.

Jean Willis The Angler.jpg This photo clearly tells a story of the fisherman enjoying his time on the river. It is detailed and well exposed

Gaile Douglas Those Annoying Little Midges.jpg Beautiful curves in the swan’s neck as it appears intent on dealing to one of the midges. Love the subtle lighting which outlines the bird against the darker background.

Sue Newport Two Cool Cats.jpg Two happy girls whose faces have been beautifully painted. The eye contact with the photographer and the friendly pose both work very well.


Robyn Carter Berber.jpg A beautifully lit low key image of this berber. While the main light is concentrated on the face, there is still sufficient light to give hints of his head gear and clothes

Michelle Kelly Mohua Golden Bay Green Lip Mussel.jpg The sharpness, detail and colour on the main mussel takes your eyes straight to it. The other mussels form a supporting cast

Kathy Pantling Snowy Egret on Nest.jpg Taken from an unusual angle which immediately captures the viewer’s attention. Beautifully exposed and composed for a nature story.

John Morrison Waiting for summer in Alaska.jpg This image makes you feel cold as you look at it. Maybe it is the haziness of the distant hills which look as if some more bad weather is coming, maybe it is all the snow around the boats and buildings in the middle distance or maybe it is the ice in the foreground.

Dianna Hambleton The Laundry.jpg The focus is clearly on the washing with the subtle elements in the background supporting this story. The lighting is excellent. Top overall- Seddon Shield Photographic Clubs Open Champion Trophy


Not Accepted:

A Pirate's tale.jpgn/a


All Powerful.jpgn/a

Architectual Subject_.jpgn/a

Badbury Clump Bluebell Woods.jpgn/a

Bombed out ruins.jpgn/a

Christmas parade.jpgn/a

Church Window.jpgn/a


Docking boats.jpgn/a


Early Morning.jpgn/a

Falling to Pieces.jpgn/a

Fijian schoolgirl.jpgn/a

Flower girl.jpgn/a

Foggy Morning Flight.jpgn/a

Foggy stroll.jpgn/a


Going separate ways.jpgn/a

Green Iguana.jpgn/a

Heading for Home_.jpgn/a

Knotty tree.jpgn/a

Large wave plume.jpgn/a

Let's Go to the Fair.jpgn/a

Luscious Plums.jpgn/a

Meanding river.jpgn/a

Morning Coffee.jpgn/a

Morning sails off Pohara.jpgn/a

New Brighton Pier.jpgn/a

No longer needed.jpgn/a

Pedestrian Crossing.jpgn/a

Play Time.jpgn/a


Protea with Bee.jpgn/a


Red eyed rock Crab (Eriphia Sebana).jpgn/a




Sea Holly.jpgn/a

Sheep may safely graze.jpgn/a

Silver Threads.jpgn/a

Sky Jockeys.jpgn/a


Still Standing.jpgn/a

Storm Damage.jpgn/a

Sun glow.jpgn/a

Sunset meet.jpgn/a

The Doctor Recomends.jpgn/a

The Red Shearing Shed.jpgn/a

The Scream.jpgn/a

The Swamp.jpgn/a

The Way Out.jpgn/a

To New Horizons.jpgn/a


Working in the Water.jpgn/a