Tom Young Round and Round.jpg Slightly offset composition aids the sense of movement but feels a little off balance. My eye is drawn past the subject to the lights and the sign on the left and the cut off sparks on the right disturbs the balance.x

Tom Young Waiting for the tide.jpgI enjoyed the form of the wooden boat left dry by the tide. Cutting off the top of the mast unfortunately created a point of tension on the edge of the frame that dew my eye away from the main subject


Tom Young Best Mates.jpg Great candid moment. The beer and the cigarette gives good context and the subjects have been positioned well to light their faces

Tom Young Pied Shag.jpg Well separated subject with the background giving context but not distracting. Slightly underexposed which blocks up the blacks slightly and hides feather detail.

Tom Young Moto-arero-iti Fisherman Island.jpg Nicely balanced images gives a sense of depth with the water foreground leading easily towards the island. I liked that the island is slightly offset in the frame.

Tom Young Tongariro Tourism.jpg A simple image which at first glance is messy and unstructured but with a closer look tells a story. The messiness is the story ….. Top Print


Projected Novice

Linda Jenkins Bellbird.  Lovely moment with the bellbird. Let down technically by soft focus.


Richard Bamfield Brook Sanctuary Tranquility Well executed soft water and the leaf on the front rock is perfect. The top half of the image adds nothing and simply distracts the viewer.x


Linda Jenkins Caiman.jpg Interest is in the head and the subtle underwater body shape. The head hard against the frame creates an unbalanced image so more space to the left could help.x


Ann Sarll Continuum.jpg The panorama form is great. The birds cut in half on each edge of the frame creates a distraction that could easily be cropped out.x

Linda Jenkins Crab.jpg The highlights in the background repeat the shape of the crab which is unfortunately not sharp enough to hold interest.x

Kathy Fenn Dull Outlook.jpg A strong sense of a creepy feeling place. L:ack of a good black and white point makes the image muddy.x

Ruth Duffield HOUSE IN THE VINEYARD.jpg For me there is too much blur to establish an impression of the subject.x

Debbie Musso Indian Architecture.jpg Interesting form which would add to the interest in a series of images about the building. As an individual image it lacks context.

Carole Neame Lake Brunner Early Morning Light.jpg The shag is a good point of interest. I'm unsure if the reflection or the tree is the main subject with this composition so a crop from the top to just above the water line might help.

Carole NeameLake Pearson.jpg The sharpest and strongest point of contrast is the shore at the bottom of the image and this makes it difficult to visually enter the frame. A small crop from the bottom might help

Sheree Davidson Luminosity.jpg An interesting solorisation like effect. The image that you have selected to demonstrate it is not perfect and in particular that line out of her chin feels odd

Kathy Fenn Peacock Lace.jpg Lovely bird that stands out well against the dark background. Cropping off the left side is very distracting.

Ruth Duffield POP AND HAZEL.jpg Nice moment. The central composition feels very static for an image about movement and the tight crop reduces the sense of place that the beach deserves to tell.

Ann Sarll Ribbon Development.jpg I get the sense of a desolate place. The red shed is the only point of colour and could have been emphasised with a stronger placement in the frame by cropping off the building on the left. Very grainy image and a couple of dust spots.

Ann Sarll San Pedro.jpg Excellent B+W treatment. I am unsure of what is the main point of the image so a tighter crop of the top flower might be stronger.

Kathy Fenn Sienna.jpg Nice light on her face and a good moment. Lack of interaction makes this feel like a grab shot and the door frames on the left and top are distracting.x

Linda Jenkins Sunbeams.jpg Because it is contrasty and sharp my eye is drawn to the thin line on the horizon and not to the light beams.x

Ann Sarll Surface Area.jpg This is a very interesting texture but I get little sense of what this subject is or what you are trying to show me.x

Ann Sarll Swirl.jpg The water flows from bottom left of the frame to top right. That unfortunately feels a bit odd.x

Linda Jenkins Toi Toi.jpg Good separation against the dark background by the backlit Toi toi. More space to the left would make the image feel more balanced.x


Ann Sarll Waiting for Cinderella. A narley textured pumpkin. The background appears to have been filled with black to emphasise the subject but unfortunately the selection has included much of the shadow detail of the actual subject as well.x
Debbie Musso Busy Wasps.jpg Great detail and exposure balance. Would be stronger with primary interest on one wasp.

Debbie Musso City Scape Singapore.jpg Great view of the city from a high viewpoint. Panorama crop suit the image

Debbie Musso Climate Change.jpg The foreground ice does a great job of repeating the shapes of the mountains

Richard Bamfield Dusk over Haulashore Island.jpg Strong feeling of depth in the image. Foreground lines pull my eye towards the yacht and not the island.

Linda Jenkins Fantail.jpg Well captured image of a fast moving bird. The central composition feels static and doesn’t represent the zippy motion of the subject.

Kathy Fenn Grief.jpg Well executed capture of the sense of these wonderful art works.

Richard Bamfield Janie Seddon at Dawn.jpg Lovely moment with soft water and streaky cloud. The bottom third and top quarter add nothing and I feel that the image would be stronger as a panorama crop.


Ruth Duffield JAPANESE ANEMONE.jpg Perfect symmetrical form. A slightly increased dept of field so that the green and yellow were all sharp would take this to a higher level.

Ruth Duffield KEA IN ARTHURS PASS.jpg Beautiful focus control draws me to his cheeky look. His cut in half feet are a distraction.

Sheree Davidson Natures Vein.jpg A lovely luminescent glow from the leaf. The symmetrical crop feels static so perhaps slightly offset the central part.

Ruth Duffield OKARI RIVER SUNSET.jpg The lines of the waves gives a sense of depth. The colour balance feels off and too warm as I sense that there are some blues in the ocean that would love to get out.

Kathy Fenn Paradise.jpg The panorama crop and foreground trees framing the view have created an effective image in difficult conditions with featureless sky.

Debbie Musso Phone Wars.jpg Her look is the key to this image and tells a great story. I would love a wider viewpoint that gives more sense of the place.

Debbie Musso Sync flying.jpg Good moment. The image would give a better sense of movement with more room to the right.

Ruth Duffield TEKAPO HIGH COUNTRY.jpg The image feels about the sheep in this beautiful but harsh place. Many of them are looking at us. Yet the exposure on the sheep is dark and the lighting flat. Some punch added in post production would help.


Richard Bamfield Bath Time.jpg Technically very well executed long exposure. My eye is pulled through the image along the jetty and I would love some reason to stop before exiting stage left.

Kathy Fenn Circle of Time.jpg An interesting clock well represented. The strong use of light has shown us how the photographer found this art object interesting.

Sheree Davidson Drink with a Twist.jpg The unusual subject placement together with the matching streaks of light work together to give a dramatic feeling.

Sheree Davidson Feathers of Gold.jpg Wonderful flow of focus holds my eye on the front form but gives a great sense of the bird.

Sheree Davidson Grand Ma's Chair.jpg Soft lighting on the chair hold my attention and I wonder about the stories it could tell….

Carole Neame Isaak.jpg For a perfect portrait this has many dark and unrevealing shadows. But his expression wins the day over everything else and I love it.

Richard Bamfield Old Ghostly Trail.jpg Beautiful light hints at the trail and draws me into the image. The vertical pano crop is unusual and very effective.

Sheree Davidson Paint by Light.jpg The ghostly sense that the light painting makes gives me a feeling that the musicians who have used this instrument have left a little of their souls within it.

Richard Bamfield ASpiring.jpg A slightly different night sky image and well done. I love the converging verticals pulling my eye up. The clever title doesn’t help ~Novice Champion