Geoffrey C. Wood Portfolio

Seddon Shield Photographic Competition 2019


Dear All,


I have thoroughly enjoyed the images entered for the Seddon Shield, well done on producing such lovely Photographic Portfolios. The fundamental criteria for the sets was to, ‘evaluate competence and diversity of skill and expertise’.


It is important to evaluate the criteria when entering images into a contest. Some portfolios excelled on the competence and expertise aspects, but fell short in diversity. Based on the competence, I have awarded the sets with an award you are familiar with and I am pleased to say that all portfolios were accepted based on the criteria. The highest awarded were then evaluated for their application to the diversity criteria. I have given a short comment for each of you, offering a touch of insight into my thought process.


Yours faithfully,

Phil Yeo

First Place

Set 6 Iain Galloway

An enjoyable collection of images, offering insight into the Photographer’s competence and artistic eye. There is a good balance of in camera and post-production techniques on display. As with all other sets, some images were stronger than others, but the overall standard here was strong and supportive in demonstration of a diverse set of skills and expertise. My favourite image is the multiple exposure, ‘Coffee Roaster’. Congratulations


Second Place

Set 17 Alison Meier

This was a very strong set showing a diverse photographic ability and with good quality throughout. I particularly enjoyed the consistent artistic eye being explored here. In particular the colour treatment in the still-life, the poignant portrait and the wonderfully comedic mannequin. Great Work.


Third Place

Set 5 Ruedi Mosimann

A lovely demonstration of this photographers skillset and eye for a good composition. Each image has received excellent treatment and the set has a playful nature. My particular favourite is the beautiful landscape, Crack of the Dusk. Excellent.

Accepted Sets:

John Morrison Enjoyable images. Search for interesting light!Accepted

Heather Knapp Great feel for light. Composition of the Sedimentary rocks let collection down.Accepted

Joy Brehaut Well done. Be careful with colours. The sharpness of herons is quite distracting.Accepted

Gary Stowell Good diversity. A little more interest needed in individual images.Accepted

Roger Thwaites Some standout images, particularly the ripples.Accepted

Helen Howie Great variety.Accepted

Lloyd Neal Enjoyable collection.Accepted

Jan Baily Well done. Be careful with colour treatment.Accepted

Lester Parkes Strong portfolio.Accepted


Cushla Moorhead A strong set. Well done. Varied with some definite standout images.Merit

Barry Doig Wonderful diversity. Some powerful images. Exercise care with making the constructed believable.Merit

Bron McKenzie Good range of skill. A little more interest needed in some images.Merit

Nola Neal A love the rising sun image.Merit

Heather Parkes Strong portfolio.Merit

Denise Manning A bold set. A style is emerging well done. Dominated by post processing here however.Merit

Margaret Harris Stunning Fruit, Flowers and Abstract.Merit

Irene Callaghan Wonderful collection. Great diversity. Particularly enjoy the curves.Merit

Andy Rae Strong set. Be careful with colour treatment.Merit

Jean Willis Good variety. A little more cropping could enhance some images.Merit

Terry Bruning Nice set. A touch more variety would have helped.Merit

Robyn Carter Bold images. Exercise care with (bright) colour treatment. Be subtle with effects- keep experimenting Merit

Ann Knipe A good Collection.Merit

Richard Bamfield A very strong set. Just missing the breadth of skill of some others.Hons

Roger Ball Four excellent images. Perhaps an angle change to add interest in Powhiri & River.Hons

Gaile Douglas A strong Portfolio. A touch more care with the exposure of images required.Hons

Ruedi Mosimann Third Place. Well done.  Hons 3

Alison Meier Second Place. Well done. Hons 2

Iain Galloway Top Spot. Well done. Hons 1 Winner- Geoffrey C. Wood Portfolio Trophy