Matthewson Interclub Trophy













Buller Camera Club Lone pine - Nice use of a square format with the person and dog adding to the scale of the image. I find that we losing some detail in the sky. (2). 2 Hygrocybe stevensoniae - nice low down position to take this image gives us some good detail in the gills. I find the image a little soft but well done and finding this fungi. (2). 3 Circle of Time - Artistic and different. I enjoy the use of black and white as sometimes colour can distract the eye. Nice job. (3). 4 Mist in the Rahu - I like the way the lines of trees lead me through the mist. The author might like to try a vignette around the edge of the image to just darken down those lighter areas as I find those a little distracting. Otherwise nice job. (3). 5 Mouse - Bless it looks about to fall. Good detail in the mouse and branch it is holding on to. Nice blurry background too. (3). 6 Caravanning - The green of the van stands out against the orange of the rock in the background. Takes me back to the many holidays I have had caravanning. Great fun. (2). points=15

Motueka Camera Club  Bath time - A nice long exposure with leading lines takes me out to explore. Excellent detail and clarity in the structure and I enjoy the yellow planks that are a good contrast against the pinks and purple in the sky. (3). 2 Catlins - A lovely place to visit with some dramatic weather. I feel that we are losing some details in the whites on this image and I enjoy the drama that you have captured. (2). 3 Just opened - The colours are quite striking with the orange against the green. It makes this image pop. (2). 4 Kea Chasing Sandfly - Great details in the feathers, with good natural colours and use of depth of field with nothing to distract us. You have even managed to capture a catchlight in the eye. Nice job. (5). 5 Panthere Pardus Pardus - What an intense stare you have captured here. The muted background makes the cat stand out. Nice catchlights too. (2). 6 White-faced herons - Nicely seen and positioned within the frame. I enjoy the angle at which the author has chosen to make this image. The feathers look quite smooth to me. Nice colours. (3) points=17

Marlborough Camera Club Armillaria-zelandiae - Nice use of depth of field shows us the fungi in good detail with a nice low down perspective giving us some detail in the gills. Natural lighting from above could be reflected into the gills to give us a little more detail but overall a nice shot. (2). 2 Glacier and Yaks in Tibet - I enjoy the vastness of this image with the hills coming down and taking us on a journey. The texture in the hills and lighting are beautiful in my opinon. I like the way the yaks at the bottom add to the scale of the place. (3). 3 Little Bee eater - A moment of action caught with perfect timing. Nicely sharp in the right places and catch light in the eye too. Nothing to distract the eye and nicely positioned within the frame. Nice job (4). 4 Little Welsh Girl - I wonder at her little expression and what she is thinking. I enjoy the choice of the author to use black and white as I feel it adds to the beauty and innocence of the portrait. (3). 5 Scottish Autumn at Castle Kilchurn - I find I am drawn to this image with all the drama in the sky. I enjoy the composition, light and how there is interest in the foreground, middle ground and background. This image engages me. (4). 6 The Old Blacksmiths - With the subtle lighting in the foreground we see some nice detail in the dilapidated building before we see the night sky. We are so very lucky to be able to see so many stars. (2) points= 18 Third Place

Nelson Camera Club Chicago - I enjoy the long exposre and the trails from the vehicles. Great detail in the buildings and structures too. I get the feeling it was a cold evening. (3). 2 Clean up - The lighting and colour palette grab me when I look into this image. I am intrigued by the man and want to know more about him and his story. Good detail. (4). 3 Hot stuff - This made me smile and the guy in the background just makes the image for me with his ezpression. Nice use of black and white to stop colour being a distraction. I like the wanted poster too. Nicely see. (3). 4 Junkshop Violinist - I see passion and love in his lovely face. Great detail. (3). 5 Stairwell - This takes me on a journey through the patterns. I enjoy the colours too. (3). 6 The Sparks Fly - I enjoy the drama and red hat adds to this for me. Long exposure is great fun to do too. (4) points=20 Second Place

Greymouth Photography Club Dust and Determination - I enjoyed the eye level look into the action that has been captured here with all the dirt and dust being thrown up as we see the battle unfold. Perfect timing with the second rider adding to the excitement and anticipation. Great detail and sharp were it needs to be in my view. (4). 2 Kotuku in the Dawn Mist - Nicely captured with the backlight just giving us a taste of the details in the plummage. I enjoy the reflection in the water and the way the author has given the bird plenty of room to look into. The mist adds to the mood for me. (5). 3 Lake Alexandrina - the dramatic colours in the sky reflected in the lake with the lovely detail in the jetty make this a pleasing image for me. (3). 4 Serenity - I find this image so peaceful and tranquil. A place I have visited numerous times but found crowds of people trying to get a decent shot. So well done on evading the masses. I enjoy the colour palette and could see this on my wall. Nice job. (4). 5 Spring harvest - Nicely presented adn makes me feel hungry. I love peas straight from the garden. Good angle and quite artistic in appearance. Good use of light and with a nice clean background. (4). 6 Tony - He looks like he is having fun and enjoying a joke with somebody. His face has a rugged and slightly weathered look with the lovely long beard. There is a slight halo around the hat in my opinion. Other than that a nice shot. (2)points=22 & winner of the Matthewson Interclub Trophy 2019