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Submission Rules

  1. Only financial members are eligible to make Submissions

  2. There is a three grade system for members: Entry, Intermediate and Salon. Advancement from Entry to Intermediate requires a total of 40 points, and from Intermediate to Salon, five Honours (including one Honours print).

  3. Each entrant may enter a maximum of two images in total at each monthly submission night. They can either be presented as Prints or Digital Images for projection (or a combination).

  4. Each meeting will accept Open as well as the Set Topic images

  5. Prints must be mounted unframed and must not exceed 40cm x 50cm in size. They must be presented to the Image Convenor no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. A digital image of the print must be submitted to the Image Convenor no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting night.

  6. Digital Images should be in JPEG format, and with a maximum pixel size of 1920 (width) x 1080 (height). Submissions can be made via dbinbox or as an attachment to motuekacc.images@gmail.com no later than 48 hours prior to meeting night

  7. All images (capture and editing) must be entirely the author's work, but can be either self or commercially printed

  8. All images remain the property of the author, and prints must be collected by them or a nominated agent at the closure of each Evaluation Night

  9. No image offered an award can be re-entered in the Monthly Submissions, except for the Portfolio Presentation/Submission

  10. A register of points earned by each member will be kept to ascertain member progress

  11. Labelling for Submissions

Digital: author-grade-​set/open-title

Prints: grade-set/open-title only on the print (no author's name). Digital Record, print-author-grade-set/open-title

"Author" is the photographer's name

"Grade" should be indicated by the first character in the grade (E, I, or S)

"Set/Open" should be either the Set Topic for the night or an Open Category

"Title" can be set or left as "No Title"

All of the above should be included in the file name, with each section separated by a hyphen (no other character)